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November 17, 2007

Java Clustering, Multicore, Profiling, Exceptions

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Java notes

– in Java
— OpenMOSIX – Message Passing Interface

Multi-thread development: Where can you go wrong? (from Java Platform Performance on Multicore: Better Performance or Bigger Headache? )
Profiling Pitfalls
• Profiling just once
• Iterative process
• Investigate one issue at a time
Cache access
• Investigating only user-written code
• Issues can be in libraries
• Rewrite code to use different library methods

Testing JavaTM Code: Beyond the IDE
— Developers can spend up to 50% of their time understanding code before they can fix it…

FindBugs – it tries to detect bugs in Java source

Don’t swallow Exceptions

Bug Fixing, Java 7:
* The book I’d recommend is Code Complete. It’s convinced me of the limitations of unit tests
* superpackages and method references at the language level.
* invokedynamic
* a limited form of multiple inheritance will exist

Java community
JUG – Java User Group –
Free Sun course – creating Web tier apps –

Java news
– unstructured
– structured RSS feeds

Sun Studio Performance Analyzer – useful to profile Java apps – both interpreted & hotspot stacks


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