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June 17, 2008

Google Toolbar works in Firefox 3!

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Yey. When I started Firefox 3rc3 today, it updated its Google Toolbar that before worked only in Firefox 2. And now it works in Firefox 3. Sweet.


December 18, 2007

Google Pack

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  • google pages – hosted as *
  • – it includes free antivirus for Windows

November 17, 2007

Nice HTML tables, Firefox JSS/CSS plugin, formatting in Google Docs

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2 Mar 07
Firefox plugin to show referenced JS/CSS: JSView

laying out multi-level inner tables nicely in HTML
— we don’t want margin/padding/spacing to cumulate
— use negative margin for inner tables, which compensates theircellspacing/padding/margins:
<table cellspacing=”20″ cellpadding=”20″ >
<td>Cuckoo Advertisingpresents….</td>
<table cellspacing=”5″ cellpadding=”5″ style=”margin: -5px”>
<td>& Wong</td>
— For whatever reason, Google Docs delete style=”…” and leave just style=”” – therefore it can’t be rendered here.

Why WordPress?

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I’ve chosen out of the list of hosted blogs that are supported by Google Docs. The blog qualities I wanted:

  • standalone pages in addition to posts
  • ability to import and edit HTML contents
  • well-organized user interface
  • tags

I’ve got my daily notes in Google Docs and I’d like to import them to WordPress. There are two ways to do it:

  • publish from Google Docs to WordPress. However, it publishes the whole document in one post, and it doesn’t allow you to split the document into several posts
  • you can copy-and-paste contents from Google Docs to WordPress. It nicely preserves the formatting (at least in Firefox). This way you can publish parts of one document in several posts. That’s what I’ll doing soon.

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