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June 17, 2008

Google Toolbar works in Firefox 3!

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Yey. When I started Firefox 3rc3 today, it updated its Google Toolbar that before worked only in Firefox 2. And now it works in Firefox 3. Sweet.


November 17, 2007

Firefox, Javascript, Tiny MCE tips

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Details configuration of Firefox:
— any changed values get highlighted

Escape HTTP Parameters in URL
– to find out the escape sequence, run e.g. javascript:alert( escape(‘=’) )

Customizing Tiny MCE wysiwyg

Tiny MCE now works in Safari. Upee!

Customizing it and debugging in Firefox? When using default ‘advanced’ theme, edit tiny_mce/themes/advanced/css/editor_content.css and then re-load it in Firefox. Otherwise Firefox caches old version of editor_content.css


Javascript errors within/between iFrames in MS IE is a very bad situation. Standard MS IE reports these errors very vaguely. It says line number but it doesn’t tell which actual file it is – either outer/inner HTML or one of possibly many JS files.

An excellent way to debug JS errors in MS IE 6 is described here. Follow the installation/activation instructions literally. In order to get ‘Script Debugger’ entry in ‘View’ menu of MS IE you need to install Microsoft Script Editor (called ‘HTML Source Editing’ in MS Office XP Pro) *and* enable script debugging in MS IE settings.

When using ‘HTML Source Editing’ which comes with Microsoft Office XP Pro you need – in Microsoft Office XP Pro Setup do custom install, specify features of each app to be installed: Microsoft Office > Office Tools > HTML Source Editing – set it to be ‘Run from my computer’.

Aptana -a free Ajax IDE

( url, title….) requires title not to have a space in it; otherwise it complains of a bad argument
myIframeObject.contentDocument doesn’t work anymore (e.g. myIframeObject.contentDocument.location.href).
— therefore test whether myIframeObject.contentDocument is set; otherwise use myIframeObject.contentWindow.document

Javascript boolean type
– ‘0’, ‘false’ is same as boolean true

Javascript escaping and ASCII codes
quotation mark = ASCII 39 (decimal) = ASCII 27 (hex) = %27 in query string
equal operator ‘=’ is %3D in query string

Javascript weird on MS IE 6
– element id=”..” and JS variable names must be different

Why WordPress?

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I’ve chosen out of the list of hosted blogs that are supported by Google Docs. The blog qualities I wanted:

  • standalone pages in addition to posts
  • ability to import and edit HTML contents
  • well-organized user interface
  • tags

I’ve got my daily notes in Google Docs and I’d like to import them to WordPress. There are two ways to do it:

  • publish from Google Docs to WordPress. However, it publishes the whole document in one post, and it doesn’t allow you to split the document into several posts
  • you can copy-and-paste contents from Google Docs to WordPress. It nicely preserves the formatting (at least in Firefox). This way you can publish parts of one document in several posts. That’s what I’ll doing soon.

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