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February 12, 2009

Xdebug and NetBeans for PHP on Mac OS X

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I really used to like JEdit. It understands almost every shell/programming/database language and it colors source code accordingly. You can have 100+ files open, switch quickly between them and you can split the editor horizontally and vertically as you need.

But somehow JEdit on Mac OS didn’t like scrolling wheel recently – it jumped up and down, skipping many pages. So I’ve tried NetBeans 6.5. with PHP support. It looks beautiful. If you get PHP-only version of NetBeans rather than full version, it loads up quickly too.

While using NetBeans, I’ve noticed it can debug PHP via Xdebug. So I’ve installed Xdebug 2.0.4 on my Mac OS from sources – seemed easy. In Apache error log it just read: Failed loading /path/to/ (null). But it didn’t load up in PHP. Then I’ve tried MacPorts Xdebug package, but still the same.

After I’ve tried several ways to resolve this, I’ve come across a solution at

Debugging PHP in NetBeans rocks! You can see variables, arrays, objects, set up breakpoints…. lovely!


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