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August 22, 2008

Limitation of CN length in eDirectory

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Novell’s eDirectory has limitation of CN length to 64 characters. That is enough for common objects.

However, in my application I auto-generated CN out of some long string. I wanted management groups for user containers of a deep tree (5 levels e.g. ou=Happy Branch,ou=Berline,ou=DE,ou=Europe,o=Company). For some practical and user’s reasons I didn’t want to copy the container tree structure, so I created objects at the same level with CN made out in reverse – e.g. Europe-DE-Berlin-Happy Branch. But for some groups their CN got over 64 letters, and that failed. So I created region containers for them and then I created the groups under those region containers, with CN e.g. DE-Berlin-Happy Branch. Problem solved!


August 21, 2008

Weird Flex states

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I had a weird experience with Flex states in Flex 2.0.1. My component had an initialization function. That set currentState to one of two values depending on something. Later on in the same function it checked for a few rare situations, and if any of those occurred then it set currentState to some special values.

Somehow Flex or Flash player didn’t like that and it rendered the 2nd (special/rare) state on top of the 1st state. Solution: instead of setting currentState directly, set some temp variable e.g. state:String. Then once state doesn’t change assign it to currentState. Note that you can’t use any GUI objects specific to that state before you switch to it.

August 20, 2008

File upload problems in Safari

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I had a weird problem: a simple HTML form with a file upload input, processed by PHP. It worked in Firefox but in Safari the uploaded file (small size) didn’t make it to the server about half the times. Not even a first line of PHP was invoked.

It’s a known issue. Solution – an extra header. See

Searching for RPM packages?

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Searching for RPM packages? Just type package name at and it lists them by Linux distributions.

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