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June 11, 2008

Finger Mouse Review

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It’s almost a month since I’m using the Finger Mouse (wireless) from Here’s my experience:

  • It doesn’t work on some surfaces. For example
    • it works with on carpets, old polished wooden table, Apple PowerBook/MacBookPro aluminium alloy, some of my jeans
    • it doesn’t work on my other jeans, polished fake wood office table, Apple iBook (light plastic), Dell Inspiron laptop (silver plastic)
  • Some surfaces are better than other.
    • By better I mean ones that allow for wider range of angle. Worse surfaces require you to I found that medium-thick short hair carpet is better than very thick short hair office carpet. Standard white office/printer paper is quite bad.
  • it’s more difficult to keep the mouse upright in left-to-right direction, then back-to-front (down-to-up)
  • you have to touch the surface when browsing
  • The ring can be move up and down the side of the mouse, but it’s too loose. If you press to surface then it moves on its own.
  • I found two positions for the mouse, the ring and my finger:
    • The first is with the tighter ring in case I need to take the mouse on and off frequently. I move the ring to the front of the mouse. I wear the ring on the topmost bone of my index finger. It feels quite loose as if the mouse was about to fall off my finger.
    • The second is with the wider ring moved to the rear of the mouse. I wear it on the middle bone of my finger. It is more stable than the first way.
  • The rings are not tough or robust enough. I used the tightest ring on the topmost bone of my finger. Initially I couldn’t fit it on the middle bone, but after 2 or 3 weeks I can. The ring loosened up and it doesn’t grip as much as it used to.
  • It would help to enlarge the width of the rings, so that they stick more firmly to the finger and don’t balance to the sides. How about having more than 3 rings for better fit?
  • the right and left click buttons are superb
  • The wheel is too tight. Especially when scrolling up, by applying force you’re likely to rotate the ring and mouse itself to the right.
  • When the battery is low the mouse pointer starts to ‘jump’ from left to right much faster than you move it. Fortunately the charger indicator red light goes on so you know you need to charge it.
  • Battery lasts for 3-4 days of frequent use. It charges over mini USB, so you don’t need to carry an extra charger. The mouse comes with a USB to mini USB cable.
  • It is quite heavy. You can’t really type with it using the finger index. And it really slows you down when typing with the rest of the fingers. If I know I’m going to type a lot, then I put the finger mouse down. I would prefer to trade off the battery time for having it lighter.
  • Not sure whether they make a left-handed version.
  • When you don’t use the mouse for a few minutes, its laser light goes off. In order to wake it up you must press one of the two click buttons. You can’t wake it up by rolling the scroll wheel up or down. That’s a shame, because if you had the mouse pointer positioned on a link or a button and you click, it triggers an event that you didn’t expect. They should make it so:
    • the mouse wake up when you roll the wheel, and
    • if you wake it up by a click then the mouse should ‘consume’ that wake up click event and it shouldn’t send it to the computer
  • It’s excellent for web browsing. I prefer classic mouse or even touchpad for other use.

Finger mouse has 3 rings. One of them was already attached to the mouse (pointer) device, and I wasn’t sure how to replace it by another ring. The manual doesn’t mention it and I didn’t want to press on it otherwise the ring could break down. So I emailed They contacted the manufacturer and replied back:

It is not that difficult to have the ring out, just have the rign
pressed then you can get it out, we’ve taken 2 pictures to show you how,
let us know if you have any queries.

However, it wasn’t easy to get the ring out. Even when I pressed it, it took a while to free it. The way how you get the ring out assumes that the ring is adaptable – but maybe that’s why it loosens over time. I would be more confident if the ring would be robust and tougher, and there would be some other way to attach and detach it – maybe by moving to the rear of the mouse.



  1. I’m pretty interested in that product but I don’t know if the scroll wheel is clickable. Can you tell me please?

    Comment by Adrien — August 25, 2008 @ 3:04 pm | Reply

  2. Adrien,

    no, the scroll wheel is not clickable. Plus when scrolling down – in direction towards your thumb – it drags a whole finger mouse a little bit at time.

    Comment by negev — September 23, 2008 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

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