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April 13, 2008

Wireless Finger Mouse

Filed under: Java — negev @ 11:37 am

While browsing I’ve learned about a Finger Mouse. You attach it to your index finger, and then you use it as a laser mouse. The benefits:

  • you don’t have to move your hand too far from the keyboard
  • the mouse is never away
  • good when using a laptop on your lap, sofa, bed, while traveling – where you don’t have level space for the mouse


  • it looks that the actual ring is a strip made of Velcro. So as your finger sweats, Velcro becomes dirty over time… And I don’t think you can detach the Velcro strip and wash it
  • people reported (I think at hotukdeals) that the ring doesn’t fit thin fingers
  • it has 800dpi resolution and is not sufficient for more advanced mouse operations or high precision

But a real limitation for me: you’d have to disconnect or take the ring down whenever walking out from the laptop. However, there are two wireless alternatives. They are both USB-chargable.

One looks to be the same build but wireless. So I believe that it has the same potential problems with the ring.

The second version uses detachable plastic rings, and

  • therefore you can wash/clean the rings, and
  • there are three rings in different sizes

Its resolution is 1000dpi. The actual device is a little higher in the front, but that won’t matter if it does its job better 🙂 So I’ve ordered one today. I’ve found following websites :


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