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December 11, 2007

C-like shortcuts leading to errors in PHP

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Today I’ve come across yet another tricky error in PHP… I had the following code. $info in it is an LDAP result array. I wanted to extend the if(..) condition to check whether $info[‘count’] is exactly 1. So I took

  if( $info=$myObject->All($res) ) {

and changed it into

  if( $info=$myObject->All($res) && $info['count']==1 ) {

Suddenly it stopped working, even for the LDAP results about which I knew they had exactly one item. As usual, it was the programmer’s error – but supported by PHP as it doesn’t check types in compile time. What I should have done was

  if( ( $info=$myObject->All($res) ) && $info['count']==1 ) {

Yet another reason to use strong-typed languages like Java, rather than script lingos as PHP.


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