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November 18, 2007

Notes on MySQL, Novell eDirectory LDAP ACLs, XSLT, Mailtrap

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9 Aug 07
MySQL Select & GROUP records with minimum value of a chosen column
SELECT, disposition, count( num_positions FROM offices, positions WHERE condition-on-office AND GROUP BY ORDER BY num_positions ASC LIMIT 8;

Novell eDirectory
– schema and attribute names
– how to change [ROOT] permissions to more specific permissions:
— When replacing [ROOT] by a specific DN, then remove [] brackets
— so instead of “2#entry#[ROOT]#member” you use “2#entry#o=MyCompanyName#member”

XSLT to concatenate strings
– use concat( first, second…) rather than operator +. + works only for numbers
– don’t concatenate values/expressions with in-XML constants, because it will add spaces etc:
<xsl:value-of select=”$logoName” />.gif

Using JEdit with files that are hard-linked at multiple locations
– then in JEdit’s opetions unset: jEdit > General > Two-stage save (safer but resets file owner on Unix)

novell eDirectory weird ACLs – couldn’t modify LDAP ‘mail’ attribute
– that was because I had ACLs in ConsoleOne to EMail Address, not to ‘Internet EMail Address’ – and the second is NDS attribute respective to LDAP attribute ‘mail’
– so you need to set ACLs to ‘Internet EMail Address’ rather than ‘EMail Address’
– see NDS-LDAP attribute mappings in Console One > tree > Resources > Servers > LDAP Group – my server > Attribute Mappings

23 Oct 2007
Mailtrap – fake SMTP server that traps all emails and saves them to a file
– it uses Ruby

Universal USB Webcam driver for Mac OS X


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