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November 17, 2007

PHP and SQL notes

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Installing PHP on Mac OS X:
./configure –with-ldap –with-apxs
sudo make install

Getting unique values from an array – PHP
use: array_keys( array_flip($arr) )
array_flip() – it switches keys and values
array_reverse() – it returns the array in reverse order, optionally preserving the keys

27 Mar 07
When opening a MySQL/SSH connection to another box takes really long (c.a. 6-7sec)
-> set skip-name-resolve=true in my.cnf

Sun LDAP and related-products:

  • Open DS. An community building an open source directory service.
  • Open SSO. A community working on an open source implementation of single sign on.

PHP arrays – items are kept in order they were added in, rather than sorted by values of keys!


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